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The Sea-Goat — Print

The Sea-Goat — Print


Capricornus, the Sea-Goat, the Mer-Goat — a mythological creature with the upper half of a goat, and the lower half of a fish. The Sea-Goat is associated with the ancient Sumerian deity Enki, later known as Ea. Enki is the god of knowledge, water, magic, mischief, crafts, and creation. 

This mer-goat is a powerful union of two archetypes — the dreamy, spiritual, intuitive water magic of the Fish, and the earthly energy of the Goat, who is above all, a survivor, & symbolizes vitality, independence, and diligence. 

8" x 8 print on Arches Coldpress watercolor paper. The texture of the paper brings the texture of the thread to life in the most magical way. The iridescent beads that decorate the Sea-Goat on the original embroidery shine brightly even in paper form.

Signed. Edition of 29. Ready to Ship.

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