Commission Request

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! Some of my most fun, rewarding embroidery experiences comes from working with other individuals' ideas to make something truly special. I am open to pushing the boundaries of my usual subject matter, but if your concept deviates too much from my personal style, I reserve the right to deny your request. Please visit the FAQ page for extra tidbits and general information!

Turnaround Time: The turnaround time varies depending on my current workload and the complexity of your request. Feel free to contact me for current wait times.

Sizing & Frames: I work in 4”, 5”, and 6” round hoops, plus 4x6” oval hoops. Extra large designs available by request. Feel free to state what size hoop you would prefer your design in, but please remember that certain designs or concepts will work better in a small size, and others might require extra room for the details. The hoops I use most often (and that you see in most of my work) are plastic frames made to look like wood. Solid wood frames are also available upon request.

Prices: Commission costs will also vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the piece. The smallest pieces will usually start around 60USD, and the most complex/larger pieces go up to 400USD or more.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are accepted on a case by case basis. Once all payment is received, I will be able to start work on your piece.

Refunds, Returns, & Failed Payments: Returns and refunds on ready-to-ship pieces are not accepted. For custom orders, refunds can only be accepted when work on your piece has not begun, however, 50% of project price will be kept as a non-refundable deposit. In regards to payment plans, it is imperative that payments are paid on time. I will not accept future orders from customers who fail to make payments in a timely fashion. This may seem harsh, but embroidery is my livelihood! Late and absent payments prevent me from accepting orders & giving commission slots to other potential customers.

Fabric: I work with black, light grey, and off-white cotton. Feel free to state your preference, but oftentimes the colors in a design will work better with one more than the others.

Replications: For the most part, I accept requests to remake previous designs (that aren't other commissions). Please keep in mind that I am unfortunately not a robot so I can't make things completely identical. Rest assured, your piece will be just as good!

Commission Process: The form you fill out below will get sent to my email inbox. You will usually receive a response from me usually within 1-4 days. We will discuss your ideas, different design options, budget, etc., and once we settle on all the details, I will create a custom listing for you to purchase. Once full payment is made, your project’s spot in my work queue is held. (In other words, if payment is not made in a timely fashion your project may get pushed back to accommodate others who make payments on time.) Once I reach your project in my work queue, the physical design process begins — I will draw up the design for the embroidery, and email you a photo for approval. (There will be no drawing photo for my remade designs, since you already know what it’ll look like!) Once approved, I’ll begin the actual embroidery process. When finished, I will email you again with several photos and the final approval. After that, your custom embroidery will be sent off to its new home! ♡